Sunday, October 18, 2015

A new board for the NMEA WiFi Bridge

I made a second strip-board copy of the NMEA WiFi Bridge. It took too long, a whole day. So I spent several days designing and etching a custom board. It only took a few minutes to populate.

I have been experimenting with taking close-up with my phone. This is looking through my 10x monocle I use to examine the boards.

The finished and corrected board with a Chinese buck DC-DC voltage converter set for 3.3 volts. After all the debugging, I left the LD1117-33 out and jumpered over it.

Maybe it assembled faster because I had left off a trace. Seems that eagle doesn't always name VCC as VCC. I put a regulator chip in the schematic, then when designing the PCB, I switched it for a different one. I inadvertently must have named it net $NS3. Well you hardly notice the little blue wire-wrap wire anyway.

I have been designing SMD  boards for the ESP-01 and ESP-12E, but haven't made them yet. I seem to have tentative requests for 4 more of these. Seems nobody likes wires to the laptop while underway.

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