Saturday, September 24, 2016

My Orange Pi SBCs

A few Orange Pis
I have been playing with Orange Pi single board computers (SBCs) some lately. This is a few of them in order of performance, counter clockwise from lower left:
  Orange Pi One, Orange Pi PC, Orange Pi PC Plus and Orange Pi PC 2E.

The OPi One is running OpenELEC with dedicated Kodi media center is used as Trinda's movie machine. The OPi PC is just for fun and testing. The OPi PC+ is the new built-in navigation system running OpenCPN chart-plotter. And the OPi 2E is the big compilation server for software development for the smaller ones.

All but the media center are running Armbian Jessie, a Debian based Linux for arm computers. It is a rapidly developing OS. I started just a few months ago with 5.05 and now just loaded 5.20.

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