Tuesday, January 1, 2019

More Battery Monitor

It was still too hard to tell whether the new batteries were coming up to full charge, so while I waited, I added to the monitor. I already have a current shunt for the old "Heart/Cruising Designs" monitor and now the Xantrex LinkLite, so all I had to do was hook the ADS1115 differential input channels to it.

I added the current monitor with amp hour calculation and a status web page to the Batt_volt_mon. I re-factored the code using the tab capability of the Arduino IDE rev 1.8.8.

I also copied from a friend the idea to make each tab's code optionally included at compile time with #ifdef's. This makes it easier to debug.

  #define DO_ADS
  #ifdef DO_ADS
     #include "ads.h"
  #endif //DO_ADS
  #ifdef DO_ADS
  #endif // DO_ADS
  #ifdef DO_ADS
     if ( (last_ads + ads_time) < millis() ){
       last_ads = millis();
  #endif //DO_ADS

And I uploaded the new code to my github.

Top of the board with the modules out to see the wires
The bottom of the board

And then I documented the connections in Fritzing.
The Fritzing layout

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